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Semantic Search Ximdex FIND Demo Ximdex FIND module Demo

Access your information simply and accurately, saving time and money with fast retrival and reuse. Built on the previously semanticized facets, it provides information organized by concepts, viewer relationships, intelligent searches, etc.

Try this sample demo with all the beautiful beaches that we have in Spain. Browse and discover their main features and relevant data.

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Free & Semantic Ximdex CMS Demo Free and Semantic Ximdex CMS Demo

Take a quick tour of Ximdex CMS to see its main features. Remember to visually edit your XML document and submit it to the Ximdex OWL module that will automagically suggest images, links and references.

Decoupled publishing of your content guarantees additional freedom, security and scalability allowing you to transform it into final formats (JSP, XHMLT, HTML5, PHP, etc.) or sync it to distant servers in the cloud.


Secure CMS Ximdex HAWK module Demo Ximdex HAWK module Demo

Your web is under attack! Your homepage has just been changed by a "black-hat hacker", but don't panic!

In a few seconds you will see how Ximdex HAWK module detects the attack, warns the web administrator by SMS and automatically reverts your website to the last published version.